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Online Data Back Up and Recovery

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How our online data backup works


We explain in three easy steps.

Setup Download and install our backup software. Using the backup software, select the data you want to backup and schedule a backup time and frequency (such as every night at 10 PM). It's that easy! Our service is then fully automated, your files are backed up at the specified time.


backup When the time comes for your first backup, the backup software:-

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  1. Determines changed files only and compresses those changes
  2. Encrypts the file changes to make them totally secure before  leaving your computer
  3. Transmits the changed files in their compressed and encrypted format to offsite IBM Tier One data centres.


Once the initial backup is complete, our backup software detects ongoing changes to your files, making daily backups fast and efficient. No more tape headaches to keep track of and transport to off-site locations.


Need to restore files? It's really easy! Simply select the files you want to restore and click the "Restore" button.

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Using our online data backup service ensures your data can be replaced any time , onto any computer , as often as necessary, with no additional costs.


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