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Just a few typical testimonials from our a very pleased client base.......customer care and responsiveness in itself sets us apart......


Qudos Consulting


"We have recently implemented a major IT installation to support our growth. New Prospect Business Solutions have been very supportive both before and after implementation making sure we have the right product for our needs and, importantly, only commit to the amount of back up we really need.


I would recommend their service to all organizations, especially those needing a guiding hand "


Haydn Davies, Qudos Consulting , Managing Director.



Richard Anim Group, Richard Anim  Ltd


"Businesses like ours face a myriad of risks everyday and both empirical research and anecdotal evidence suggests that one of the most serious risks businesses contend with is the risk of losing their data.


In the last 3 months I have personally encountered several businesses that have ground to a halt due to a loss of their data. They literally lost the data overnight.


For us, using the online secure data backup service provided by New Prospect Solutions is one less risk to worry about in the precarious world of business. Their professionalism, quick response and willingness to help is definitely what sets them apart and I will recommend their services any day."


Richard Anim, Managing Director.



Hersh Guy


"To say we are paranoid about loss of data is undoubtedly an accurate description!!


We have always, and still do, back up to CD/DVD and keep a copy off site. However, the benefits of secure on line back up should be emphasised to any holder of valuable data.


New Prospect Business Solutions' provide easy to use software supported by friendly and efficient telephone and email support.


I would recommend this service to any company/individual who has essential data to protect"


Keith Gleadall, Company Secretary.



AJH Partners Ltd


"Having fiddled irregularly with back-up discs for my small business, I was happy to use New Prospect Business Solutions' data storage service as an ‘insurance policy’. Thank goodness I did! Following a computer failure my machine had to have repairs which lost all my files. Immediately it was back, I was on-line and all my valuable data retrieved efficiently and successfully. I have appreciated that this is not just a product but a complete service that New Prospect Business Solutions provides."


Aleck Harrison, Consultant clinical scientist



LiaiseOnline Limited


"When New Prospect Business Solutions' approached me a year or so ago about online data storage I was a little nervous about the potential cost. When I realised that I could secure my most precious data: current accounts; access database of contacts; and other important documents, for as little as £8.99 per month it started making sense.


Keeping the live, mission critical data safe and secure at all times is a must. His system logs in every evening at midnight and uploads the latest changes so I can sleep peacefully in my bed.


Six months on and I am happy to recommend New Prospect Business Solutions… they offer me that peace of mind at a price that is right! "


Jonathan Davey, Director



Multi-Skeel Marketing


"Multi-Skeel Marketing opted for the online data backup facility over 12 months ago as part of their disaster recovery plan. Various scenarios were taken into consideration (i.e loss of data, risk of fire, flooding etc.) and it was felt that the best option was to give the responsibility of ensuring our data was backed up daily to a company offering this facility remotely.


For peace of mind, the monthly fee for this facility is nominal and we would therefore have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone using computers. Ask yourself these 2 simple questions :- Would your business survive if you lost all the data stored on your computer/s How much down time would you lose in restoring this information (assuming you are able to restore the information)."


Sharon Skeel, Operations Director





"As a publishing company, we are very particular about backing up our content. My mind can now be put at rest knowing my critical data is securely backed up offsite using New Prospect Business Solutions' online data backup service. NewProspect Business Solutions are also responsive and provide a high level of customer care"


Ajit Jaokar, CEO



The Squared Group


"I wish I could say that I have never had to contend with this situation, however, the truth is without the back-up we would have faced many hours of re-keying data. Money well spent. Saved many hours/ days and much heartache”


Jon Heath, Director.





"The backup service from New Prospect Business Solutions has been excellent- the reassurance that my data is backed up daily, without any involvement from me, is fantastic."


Surita De Mulder, Director.



Truly Ace


"I've used this back up service for quite a while, which offers file recovery via software on your hard drive, and online also, good price and excellent customer service."


Amanda Vlahakis, Business Owner.






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