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Is my data secure and safe?


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Did you know?

Online backup is more costs effective than tapes





On average it could take you a day to make duplicate tape copies






Professional data centres are much  more secure than your computer system and tape backups.


Why take the risk?

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Isn't your data one of your most valuable business assets?


Is my data secure and safe?


Our technical team have spent four years researching, building and tweaking an optimum data centre configuration to ensure the highest level of availability, reliability and security.


Read on to understand why your data is even more secure with us than on your own computer system(s).




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Before data leaves your computer(s) it is first compressed and encrypted. This means your data is protected in transit to our data centre. Our software bears the hallmark and is trusted by PriceWaterHouse Coopers. This software allows you to encrypt your data using 128 and 448 bits -  which is military standard and virtually impossible to crack.


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Data centre configuration


Our data centres are owned by IBM and equipped with state-of-the-art systems and servers including:-


24X7 system administration


All components are continuously monitored with alarms automatically flagging any issues for immediate attention.


Full systems redundancy


All  backup server components are duplicated to guard against single points of failure and ensure maximum uptime. Server cut over times are seamless and unnoticeable to client backup and restore operations.


Cypher locked doors


Physical security and access control is second to none. No unauthorised personnel are allowed to enter server locations at any time. Access can only be gained using magnetic card readers.


The data centre is also impregnable, bomb proof and well shielded against fire and all natural elements. CCTV is in operation at all times.


Backup power system (UPS)


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) ensure your backup and restore service is unaffected by power failure. Cut over time is instantaneous so power is continuously fed to critical server components.


Climate controlled environment


Component failure due to extreme temperature conditions is eliminated by use of a climate control system. Optimum operating temperatures are guaranteed at all times.


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Data storage devices


We have invested in high end industry backup devices to help ensure client data can be recovered whenever required.


Key components are:-


Network Load Balanced IBM Servers


Load balanced servers ensure no single server is unduly overloaded and work is equally spread across all available resources. Efficiency and response times are optimised.


RAID Redundant Arrays


Client data is stored on redundant disks to maximise recoverability of data. Furthermore all data is replicated to another RAID Redundant Array. This setup offers unparalleled availability far superior to any other alternative backup system.




Servers are vigorously protected by hardware firewalls and a data centre packet filter






No single point of failure

24X7 system administration

Maximum physical security

Bomb, fire and natural element proof

IBM Load balanced servers

Redundant data storage deveices

Full systems redundancy

Backup power system (UPS)

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