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Pricing - Why our service offers superior value

We have studied the online data backup market and continue to monitor it very carefully. We have fine honed our pricing structure to offer unbeatable high quality value. Read on to see this for yourself.

You choose your own  data backup size

Simply select the amount of data you want to backup. You can easily do this by:-

  • Downloading and installing the FREE backup software for a trial
  • Select the data on your system which you want to backup
  • The backup software displays the amount of data selected.

If you have selected too much data beyond your budget simply deselect less important files. You are simply charged for the data size you select at the outset and that's it!


Mirrored data protection in tier 1 data centres

We know some online backup providers are operatring from their bedrooms while others use below industry standard equipment. Our data centres are tier 1 - which means they give your data the highest protection it deserves.

Cheaper options give a false sense of security and cost far more in the medium to longer term - especially if you experience data loss.


Monthly tips on business continuity

We'll send you well researched tips and tricks for your business on the subject of business continuity and disaster recovery. Information will include sample plan templates, best practice methods to keep your data safe at all times.


Remote support for ALL  clients

We offer the very best support to all our clients. Our staff are kind, courteous and will treat you with due respect at all times in keeping with our company values.

Many providers only offer web or email based support and charge extra for telephone support.


Web Based Restore  for ALL  clients

This facility enables you to retrieve your data from any computer in the world and is included in your monthly plan - not an additional extra. For many of our clients this service has become vital to their business continuity plans.



We are committed to constantly reviewing the market and ensuring you get the best value. You may find cheaper services elsewhere but you won't find better value nor a quality service that really does provide the critical protection your data requires.


Call 0870 116 7676 for special deals involving multiple PC and laptops.


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