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Web Restore

Web Restore is included as standard




Web Restore enables you to access your files from anywhere in the world




Web Restore is the easy way to move large amounts of data from PC - PC.



Why take the risk?

protect your data

Online Data Backup & Recovery

Secure hassle free backups every day

Isn't your data one of your most valuable business assets?


 online data backup benefits


Our basic package includes time & money saving features other providers charge for. We provide an affordable service with quality and value.


We also offer benefits which many backup companies do not. See our list below to see why choosing us makes sense.


Web Restore


Web restore allows clients to navigate to a web location and access their data from any computer anywhere in the world connected to the Internet.



Online backup Features


Web Restore (included as standard)

Access your data files from any computer system worldwide.

Easy Installation

No headaches, install in under 20 mins

Free professional grade client software

No optional extras, you get all the features day 1

User select files and/or  directories

Easy user control and modification

Incremental & full backup

Save money & time only backing up file changes

Highest level of encryption (448 bits)

Your data couldn't be any safer, much more safer than unencrypted data on tapes

Automatic backup scheduling

Protect against forgetfulness. Set the schedule and forget about it

Detailed log reporting

Keep well informed on what is backed up & when

Email forwarding of log files

Keep in touch away from the office or forward to remote support personnel

Up to 90 historical file versions available. This is a true professional service

Enables restore of files before dormant viruses strike and other misdemeanors

Open files management

Support for multiple file access restriction in key operating systems.

24X7 system administration with proactive issue alerts

Higher service level. We even alert you of potential issues at your end.

Phone, email & remote access customer service

Rest assured we will be responsive in assisting you in a professional manner.

Fully redundant back office systems

Helps ensure your data is available whenever you need it.

Multiple operating system support

Includes Windows, Linux, MACS, Unix, Solaris, Novell Netware, SQL, Oracle, etc.



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