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Saturday, December 13, 2008

USB Drives are cheap, who needs online backup?

You can buy a 1 TB USB drive for under £100 at a well know electronics store (at time of writing). Why not simply hook it up to your PC and use windows or some other backup software to copy you critical files across on a scheduled basis?

Well you can of course and we think such practice can be a useful part of a backup strategy but not for critical files. In fact even not so critical files can cause a company financial loss and and therefore may not be suitable for this type of risky backup.

The centre manager of a fairly well known organisation recently told me how they are going for ISO9000 certification and have a premiere visit from an auditor. As you might guess, a USB stick didn't cut the mustard, especially when it was being used to backup several computers and then taken home in someones has it gone again..?

The kind of protection you use for your data is really a reflection on your view of the impact of loosing it should you get round to thinking about it properly. Low impact and a USB drive may well do - high impact and you'd be wise to think again - online backup may well be the answer.

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