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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Both raid configured hard disks failed - online data backup

A company who knows the value of the their data, and the impact on their business of loosing it, had a raid system in place so additional protection was already being implemented. They also used a tape backup system although this caused ongoing heart ache with the various problems tape backups can cause.

Then one day both raid hard disks failed! The server crashed and needed to be rebuilt. Tape backups were out of date and the only sure thing in place was our Professional Online backup service.

They downloaded all files as required and no one was sacked but rather praised for having such protection in place. When restoring files several options were available - they could selectively download the most important files according to the needs from staff members.

As this company also had the single mailbox recovery software plugin in place, individual mailboxes could also be restored as required for their Exchange service.

The complete restore could be activated and managed in house - no specialist fees were required from outsourced companies. We of course offered FREE support as required; the process was so simple we didn't need to do much.

This is another true story - Our Professional Online backup service has been proven once again.......

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