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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

External Hard Disk Failure....

A computer literate colleague used an external hard disk to back up his important data. The process seems simple enough - copy critical files and folders to the drive using a program or drag n' drop. He had performed this function many times and so was proficient at doing so.

...a number of months later this colleague decides to access some of the backed up folders for reference and discovers his external hard disk is blank. No files or folders whatsoever.

So what went wrong? Was the backup not successful in the first place? Or was the initial backup fine but the data had since been erased somehow? My colleague wasn't sure but the end result was the same regardless - lost data.

This colleague is now using our automatic online data backup service for secure backups he can trust. What's more, we monitor the backups as an added extra to ensure all is well .....which means he has increased peace of mind.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

USB Stick woes.....

The owner of a small but successful garage had already experienced data loss after an IT "expert" deleted his hard disk for him. Thereafter the owner vowed to always make a backup himself given the pain he went through (the MOT renewals and client details form part of the critical and invaluable data he lost).

However, the new backup method involved using a USB stick rather than a robust backup strategy. Apart from committing such an important task to such a small device which can easily be lost, damaged or stolen, the owner wasn't regularly checking files had been successfully backed up....another mundane (yet crucial) task that many companies miss.

The latter point became apparent when one of our engineers visited the garage and asked to see the type of files being backed up - upon loading the USB stick it was totally empty! After a short silence of shock (which seemed to last forever) our professional online backup service was installed where it has been working ever since protected inside IBM data centres.

Data loss was avoided in this instance albeit against risks that shouldn't have been taken.

Virtual call centres save money and offer flexibility not possible with traditional solutions

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Unexpected broken laptop.......

The first in our series of true stories picked from over the last 5 years in the industry.

A business owner knew he was exposed and planned to backup his laptop. He had critical business information stored on it accumulated and created after much hard work. Given the laptop didn't show any signs of hardware fatigue and the operating system was fine, backing up these important files didn't seem a priority.

Even still the business owner decided to use our services after receiving a recommendation. We spoke to the individual on Thursday who said he would download and install the trial on Friday. However, as ever, "higher priority" tasks meant setting up the backup was postponed once again until the coming Monday.

Over the weekend the laptop was unfortunately dropped on the floor and the shock to the hard disk rendered it unusable....and all data was lost. This incident brought real tears to the individuals eyes as the reality of permanently lost critical data sank in.

Now a client of ours, the data is safe and sound with our watchful eyes also monitoring the backup as an additional extra.

Virtual call centres save money and offer flexibility not possible with traditional solutions

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