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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What if you can't access your building?

All companies who understand the impact of losing computer data owe it to themselves to ensure business can continue in the event of a disaster. Online backup offers other advantages in addition to making easier, safer and cheaper backups. one such advantage is when drafting business continuity plans.

Any plan as to how business can still be conducted should include "what if I can't access the building?".

So many companies use tape drives systems to backup their data and worse still store the backed up tapes in close proximity to the tape drive itself. If access to the building is prevented so is access to being able to restore data.

If tapes are stored off site, a compatible tape drive system is still required - not all tape drives can read all tapes. Realistic options are then to either:-

  1. buy another tape drive system

  2. borrow one from somebody else

  3. Use a spare tape drive on standby

  4. rent a tape drive system

All these problems have associated issues.

Option 1) is unnecessary expense, time and hassle.
Option 2) may be too inconvenient to be viable. How will you backup in the meantime?
Option 3) gives rise to unnecessary waste
Option 4) could work but is likely to be expensive.

Online backup presents a simple solution as you can download you data to any computer connected to the internet providing you have the correct credentials. You can also easily restore just those critical files you need to get running right away. Files can be selected using wild card characters (e.g. search for *.doc for all word documents on backed up system.

We'll continue looking at other ways in which online backup gives superior benefits to your business.

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