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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Online data backup offers greater security

Do your important files and folders deserve the highest affordable security you can give them? If your answer is "yes", "I suppose so" or anything similar then read on.

We can describe several aspects of security:-

1) Physical security
2) Electronic security
3) "Procedural" security

I'll take each of these in turn starting with physical security and explain how online data backup can help.

Physical security

This is where companies perhaps fail the most and are extremely vulnerable. Tape/CD/DVD backups are kept on the shelf just above the desk or taken home and kept in the house. Most companies wouldn't even dream of keeping thousands of pounds in box at home on the shelf yet important files can have a similar value.

In most cases such files are valued higher than the direct monetary value anyway due to the length of time it took to gather the data. For example, if you lost your subscribed email marketing database of 3,000 contacts the monetary value might be X and the time it took to compile the list could have been over several years.

So what would be the ideal solution? An off site location with physical security similar to that provided by a bank vault. The main telecoms and internet providers already utilise such locations given the amount of value placed in their facilities.

Physical security includes 24x7 CCTV, patrolled security, interruptible power supplies, restricted access and fortified building walls. Place your tape/CD/DVD in such a facility and you'll experience decent physical security.

A professional online backup system will already store your files in such a location - a secure data centre. All the physically secure aspects above will be in place.

As well your files will be stored in at least two different data centres providing additional security. This can be time consuming and impractical if using a tape system that took all night to backup!

So physical security is implicit in a good professional online backup solution, even when backing up small numbers of files.

Professional online data backup, Linux backup, Mac OSX backup

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Online data backup saves time and money

Equating saving time to saving or even making more money can sometimes be difficult to visualise. After all what difference does 20 minutes per day, or 2 hours per week or a day a month make?

Interestingly enough backing up data can actually take a lot longer when considering tasks such as checking your backed up data and transporting tapes/DVDs/etc to a secure off site location - data backup not done properly isn't actually worth doing.

One can see how more than a day per month can be spent backing up data. So how much does the time really cost? Whether you run your own small or medium sized company or work in a larger company your time is likely to be worth anything from £200 - £1500 per day...and potentially more.

And what about your ability to win new clients? If you could win, or influence winning a new client with the time you spent backing up data; the "loss" you experience could be even greater.

Professional online data backup gives you back ALL the time you currently could be saving - even if it's to spend more time with family and/or friends.

Professional online data backup, Linux backup, Mac OSX backup

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