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Monday, October 31, 2005

Are you convinced yet?

If you could see into a crystal ball and knew you were going to lose data you would of course back up in advance. Since no such crystal ball exists regular data backup is the only viable solution.

So far we've looked at the most common and likely ways you may lose what is important to you on your computer. This blog isn't designed to scare you nor cause unnecessary worry but rather to prevent future stress and real loss.

Given the later point, we'll now begin looking at how online data backup can help using easy explanations.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Accidental damage to your computer *will* happen

By now you should be getting the picture that loss of really important files, folders, financial data, client data etc is a real possibility.

Just two days ago my 2 year old daughter got her leg caught in the power lead to my laptop which sent it crashing to the floor.

The hard disk was shook up and it looked like the computer was history. As I was waiting to see whether it would survive I realised all my important data was backed up. If this had happened to me abroad, I could have used a third party computer to access presentations and files etc.

Accidents will happen - they are unavoidable. The question to ask is does one have to wait for an accident before taking action?

Online data backup helps ensure one is prepared for such accidents. If I hadn't backed up my files, I would have been rather more worried by the accident caused by my daughter.

I could have backed up files using another other media such as tapes, but online data backup increased the likelihood that I was up to date with my backups and meant I was covered whether home, at a friends house or away from the office.

Are you beginning to see the value of online data backup?

Professional online data backup

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

losing your computer data through theft >> online backup

I could start listing a number of stats and quotations from various sources. I could include a picture of someone who is about to have his PC stolen or include some other graphic to get your mind ticking.

However, I've decided not to do any of the above and simply appeal to what you already know - is your PC or laptop at risk of being stolen? Of course it is. Like any other business item but with far greater potential consequence.

Laptops are obviously stolen more than desktops due to greater convenience. Laptops are also on the move more than desktops making them more vulnerable.

All kinds of PC are at risk, including backup tapes and other removable media. That's why online data backup includes moving critical data to an off site location with high physical protection.

Professional online data backup

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Files lost via human error - online data backup really helps

Surprisingly YOU as a computer user are the cause of a great deal of lost files and corrupted databases! Although various research confirms this claim, it may be a little unfair if have not found the software you're using to be very intuitive.

Nonetheless we all make mistakes, accidentally delete files and unintentionally over write existing files. The worse times are when you are not sure when this has happened.

It can be particularly annoying, and detrimental to your business, when customer records or contacts have been accidentally deleted. The embarrassment and non professionalism can result in loss of clients - I know of such cases.

Online data backup can be very useful in these potentially tragic cases as it's possible to restore files from weeks and even months in the past. Simply search an online archive and recover your required file(s) in seconds.

Professional online data backup

Saturday, October 15, 2005

How you can lose data with viruses

Viruses have been around for a long time but perhaps not in such measure as today. Literally thousands of viruses are released every week around the world and cause more damage than you can imagine.

Most of the computer programs on your PC are designed to be helpful to you achieving your own aims. A virus is also a computer program which normally aims to engage in malicious activity.

In terms of data loss, your hard disk can easily be corrupted and rendered unusable, viruses can erase files or all the data on the computer can be deleted. Even if you don't loose data directly, a virus could prevent you from using your computer.

Almost everyone would have experienced a virus at some stage. They can enter your computer through many different avenues. The most common are through the internet and email or by loading a program or file from a CD, DVD, etc.

The great thing about online data backup is you can protect several historical versions of a file.

This means if a virus effected one of your files 7 days ago, you can use online data backup to restore the file as it was 8 days ago before it was affected!

Professional online data backup

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

online data backup - easy explanations

We'll be starting a series on explaining in easy terms how online data backup protects your data. Our goal is to primarily educate the market and help company's make their own choice as to whether its right for them.

The begin with, lets understand why you should back up your data. There are numerous reasons why computer files are lost - we'll explore some of these over the next few blogs.

The first reason is due to hardware or system failure. It doesn't matter if you have a brand new PC or an old one, they can both just as well fail without warning.

The main storage device inside your computer (hard disk) can mal function or a crippling problem with the main electronic system can arise. As the hard disk is essentially a mechanical device it is naturally prone to failure.

In fact all hard disks will definitely fail at some point - it just a question of when. As you don't know when this might happen the only real protection is ensuring your critical files and folders are backed up.

Professional online data backup    

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