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Friday, September 30, 2005

** NEWS FLASH - Online data backup for MAC OS X

We can now offer our online data backup service to MAC computers running MAC OS X.

Be careful about taking a chance, we've seen too many disasters. Online backup presents an easy way to ensure you've backed up everyday.

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Backup to educational blogs follows this.

Professional online data backup    

Saturday, September 24, 2005

cost of restoring files: tapes versus online data backup

Let’s say you want to restore a file from last week – what process do you go through?

1. locate the tape
2. Insert into the tape drive system
3. Retrieve file

In a little more detail……

Locating the tape

Assuming you rotate tapes through a 5 day cycle you may find you don’t have last weeks copy! Let’s assume you do for the purpose of this comparison.

If you store your tapes offsite a trip may be necessary. Even if you store the file at home an extra trip might be needed if you need the file urgently.

The cost of locating your tape could therefore vary depending on whether you store them off site, on site or at home – in which case the distance to your home comes into play.

Insert tape into tape drive system

I’ve listed this as a separate item because it may not be a trivial exercise.

Again it depends where your tape drive system is located. If in another office it could be another trip. Other issues could arise if the server is in use.

Retrieve file

This is perhaps the most painful part of the process for a tape drive system. You may have to restore the whole image just to retrieve 1 file if not using more modern and expensive tape drives. This could take the best part of a day and tie up the server! The real cost includes lost productivity.

With online data backup you simply enter the file you want to restore in the search box (wildcards accepted), select the file with the required backup date and click the “restore” button.

It’s so easy.

You can also go back 3 months with the same ease.

The cost of restoring files from a professional online data backup system is negligible.

Professional online data backup    

Friday, September 09, 2005

Manual effort to backup using tapes vs online data backup

To investigate this cost lets simply list the tasks required when using tapes.

  1. Purchase tape drive and initial set of tapes
  2. At the end of each day insert tape into drive and run backup
  3. Usually the following day someone removes tapes and inserts a blank for the next backup
  4. Port the tape to an off site location
  5. rental space of secure off site location

Now let's consider the actual cost using man days.

Initial cost

  • Tape purchase and delivery: £(4 man days)
  • Tape conditioning and labelling: £(0.5 man day)
  • Learning how tape drive system works: £(0.5 man day)
  • Process for rotating and storing tapes: £(0.5 man day)

    Total: £(5.5 man days)

    Ongoing cost per month

  • Inserting new tape into drive: £(2 man days per month)
  • Porting tape to secure off site location: £(4 man days per month)
  • Data centre rental for off site location: equivalent to £(1 man day per month)

    We haven't included duplicating tapes and storing each in a separate location. Add £(4 man days per month).

    Total: £(11 man days per month)
    or £(7 man days per month) leaving out tape duplication.

    So how much is your time worth per day? Insert the figure into the totals above to work out the true cost of using tapes.

    With online data backup simply pay a month fee according to the amount of data you want to backup. See typical pricing for a good professional service here.

    Professional online data backup

  • Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Cost of buying tapes Vs online data backup

    As tapes are essentially mechanical they unfortunately don't last forever. In fact the industry standard recommendation is to replace them every 4-6 months, at least for those serious about backing up their data.

    So how much do tapes cost? Of course this depends on your particular tape drive - lets call this cost £Tape.

    One tape for each day of the week is 5 x £Tape.

    Then change the tapes 4 time per year. This is 5 x £Tape x 4.

    Insert your figure for £Tape to get an actual number. We'll consider the maintenance cost of tapes in a later blog.

    With online data backup no tapes exist so this cost is zero.

    Professional online data backup

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