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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is your online data backup account capped?

As most of us would admit, we're not very good at housekeeping when it comes to our computer systems. We have lots of old files laying around, email files getting larger each day etc.

You may be thinking that's OK though because you have lots of memory left and a speedy PC? However, is your online data backup account secretly growing larger?

Earlier we mentioned two different charging models:-

1. one based on the amount of storage on your providers servers and
2. another based on the data selected on your PC.

Either way your account will grow unless there is a limit beyond which your PC will not backup unless you specifically request a higher limit.

So just check with your supplier to prevent a growing monthly bill.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Online Backup - How to choose the right supplier - part 11

Log Reports and Progress Notification

One of the key benefits of an online data backup service can be the peace of mind one gains form knowing all files have been backed up. A service which provides log reports for each individual file is essential if you want to be reassured of the status of your backups. Many companies have backed up onto tape, CD, DVD, etc only to find some files weren’t copied properly – despite receiving a general “OK” message when files appeared to be backing up.

Notification by email is the most common form of alert. Services which enable email notification on error only, or on failures give more flexibility than the low end services that don’t offer notification of any sort.

Some providers also pro actively monitor all accounts and contact users if there hasn’t been a backup for a given period. This is a nice added value service - comforting to know someone else is looking out for your services.

Professional online data backup

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