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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Six essential points you should know when choosing an online backup service - Introduction

Twelve to eighteen to months ago I used to regularly have to explain to IT managers what online backup was, what happened to the data on their servers and why it was secure. Now however, such knowledge seems much more common place in the industry.

IT Managers understand their data is encrypted and compressed before it leaves their servers. They know only deltas of their data are transmitted to the data centres. They also fully appreciate the arguement of why their data is much more secure than on the tape drive systems they have struggled with for years.

Given this increased general knowledge one might be tempted to think all an IT Manager now needs to do is find a cheap service and recycle their tape drive systems. However, not all backup services are the same in the same way there are so many different car models on the market.

Considerations when buying a car include engine size, reliability, number of seats, colour and so on. Over the next few blogs we take a look at six critical factors of online backup services to futher educate IT Managers.

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