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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Unexpected broken laptop.......

The first in our series of true stories picked from over the last 5 years in the industry.

A business owner knew he was exposed and planned to backup his laptop. He had critical business information stored on it accumulated and created after much hard work. Given the laptop didn't show any signs of hardware fatigue and the operating system was fine, backing up these important files didn't seem a priority.

Even still the business owner decided to use our services after receiving a recommendation. We spoke to the individual on Thursday who said he would download and install the trial on Friday. However, as ever, "higher priority" tasks meant setting up the backup was postponed once again until the coming Monday.

Over the weekend the laptop was unfortunately dropped on the floor and the shock to the hard disk rendered it unusable....and all data was lost. This incident brought real tears to the individuals eyes as the reality of permanently lost critical data sank in.

Now a client of ours, the data is safe and sound with our watchful eyes also monitoring the backup as an additional extra.

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