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Monday, February 27, 2006

online backup offers greater procedural security

Procedures present the hallmarks of a professional company and fundamentally help ensure tasks are completed in a consistent fashion. However, a company with the best procedures in place can still fail to execute even critical assignments - why is is?

Is isn't rocket science to understand the answer lies in the human element. We forget, cut corners and are sometimes "too busy". This is a common reason why companies don't backup critical data as they should.

The procedure is simple enough and even well understood yet the task is mundane and there is always something else staff would rather be doing. This is where the automation feature of online backup really helps. Corners can never be cut and the backup software never gets bored.

The above culminates in a more secure procedure for backing up your critical files - ensuring the task really is completed.

There is another side to procedural security as well. If you're taking removable media such as tapes or DVDs etc off site anything could happen to the data in transit such as theft or accidents. Computer files are automatically backed up to an off site location with online backup so such worries are completely alleviated.

Restoring files gives rise to the same argument. No physical transport is required - the file restore procedure is to simply click on the backup software "find" button, enter your file name and restore the required files - it really is that simple.

So backup procedures are both simplified and made more secure using online data backup.

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