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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Online data backup saves time and money

Equating saving time to saving or even making more money can sometimes be difficult to visualise. After all what difference does 20 minutes per day, or 2 hours per week or a day a month make?

Interestingly enough backing up data can actually take a lot longer when considering tasks such as checking your backed up data and transporting tapes/DVDs/etc to a secure off site location - data backup not done properly isn't actually worth doing.

One can see how more than a day per month can be spent backing up data. So how much does the time really cost? Whether you run your own small or medium sized company or work in a larger company your time is likely to be worth anything from £200 - £1500 per day...and potentially more.

And what about your ability to win new clients? If you could win, or influence winning a new client with the time you spent backing up data; the "loss" you experience could be even greater.

Professional online data backup gives you back ALL the time you currently could be saving - even if it's to spend more time with family and/or friends.

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