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Saturday, October 15, 2005

How you can lose data with viruses

Viruses have been around for a long time but perhaps not in such measure as today. Literally thousands of viruses are released every week around the world and cause more damage than you can imagine.

Most of the computer programs on your PC are designed to be helpful to you achieving your own aims. A virus is also a computer program which normally aims to engage in malicious activity.

In terms of data loss, your hard disk can easily be corrupted and rendered unusable, viruses can erase files or all the data on the computer can be deleted. Even if you don't loose data directly, a virus could prevent you from using your computer.

Almost everyone would have experienced a virus at some stage. They can enter your computer through many different avenues. The most common are through the internet and email or by loading a program or file from a CD, DVD, etc.

The great thing about online data backup is you can protect several historical versions of a file.

This means if a virus effected one of your files 7 days ago, you can use online data backup to restore the file as it was 8 days ago before it was affected!

Professional online data backup


At 1:35 AM, jas_tech said...

The service does look good but I think the price £8.99 per month for 1 GB is a bit too much. Try IBackup, the price is just 9.95 US$ for 5GB of space.

At 3:02 PM, Olu Odeniyi said...

Thanks for your comments.

We understand the online backup market very well and that many different services exist. Even if you look at the IBackup services, one can see the varied pricing exists.

Our professional service is underpinned by IBM owned, facilitated and secured data centres, redundant internet pipes from Cable & Wireless, Level3 and Energis and uses software bearing the PriceWaterHouseCoopers trusted brand.

Our clients pay for a robust service and peace of mind.

As well all clients can retrieve historical files versions for up to 90 days without additional charge and have remote web restore included too. Our clients gain additional comfort in knowing they can restore files from any computer connected to the internet - a critical element of their business continuity plan.

The above presents an unparallelled offering. Not the cheapest on the market, nor the most expensive but the best feature packed value with the best customer care. After all it is our clients business at risk.

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