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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Files lost via human error - online data backup really helps

Surprisingly YOU as a computer user are the cause of a great deal of lost files and corrupted databases! Although various research confirms this claim, it may be a little unfair if have not found the software you're using to be very intuitive.

Nonetheless we all make mistakes, accidentally delete files and unintentionally over write existing files. The worse times are when you are not sure when this has happened.

It can be particularly annoying, and detrimental to your business, when customer records or contacts have been accidentally deleted. The embarrassment and non professionalism can result in loss of clients - I know of such cases.

Online data backup can be very useful in these potentially tragic cases as it's possible to restore files from weeks and even months in the past. Simply search an online archive and recover your required file(s) in seconds.

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