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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Accidental damage to your computer *will* happen

By now you should be getting the picture that loss of really important files, folders, financial data, client data etc is a real possibility.

Just two days ago my 2 year old daughter got her leg caught in the power lead to my laptop which sent it crashing to the floor.

The hard disk was shook up and it looked like the computer was history. As I was waiting to see whether it would survive I realised all my important data was backed up. If this had happened to me abroad, I could have used a third party computer to access presentations and files etc.

Accidents will happen - they are unavoidable. The question to ask is does one have to wait for an accident before taking action?

Online data backup helps ensure one is prepared for such accidents. If I hadn't backed up my files, I would have been rather more worried by the accident caused by my daughter.

I could have backed up files using another other media such as tapes, but online data backup increased the likelihood that I was up to date with my backups and meant I was covered whether home, at a friends house or away from the office.

Are you beginning to see the value of online data backup?

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